Breast Reconstruction in Plano, TX

Breast reconstruction surgery rebuilds the appearance, size, and shape of one or both breasts after a lumpectomy or mastectomy, or repairs breasts affected by trauma or congenital deformities. Utilizing the latest advances in surgical techniques and instruments, this procedure at Derrick Plastic Surgery helps patients regain a sense of wholeness with breasts that look natural following removal or injury. Typically, this reconstructive process encompasses multiple steps and phases, which can be scheduled alongside cancer treatments or postponed to a future time. At Derrick Plastic Surgery in Plano, TX, Dr. Chase Derrick crafts a customized treatment plan with a compassionate approach, collaborating closely with you and your oncology team. Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can help support you along your journey to reach your goals for breast reconstruction. 

There are several surgical techniques available today to reconstruct the breast. There are also multiple factors that Dr. Derrick considers when determining the technique that will give you optimal results. Some of these factors include cancer diagnosis, when the reconstruction is performed, whether you will use implants or natural tissue, and whether nipple reconstruction or nipple-sparing is a part of the process. To recreate the breast, you must have enough tissue to adequately cover the breast mound. Flap procedures accomplish this by using your own skin, muscle, and fat to create, cover, and build the breast. The most common flap techniques are:

  • Expander/Implant Reconstruction: This technique uses
    utilizes implants as part of a one or two stage procedure to
    help reliable restore breast volume. During surgery Dr.
    Derrick assesses the blood flow to the mastectomy skin flaps
    to determine if an implant can be placed or if a tissue
    expander is necessary to expand the skin to prepare it for
    placement of an implant.
  • TRAM flap: This technique uses muscle, skin, and fat from your abdominal area to build the breast. The tissue used to create the new breast can be detached from the abdomen or it may remain connected to the donor location, maintaining the original blood supply.
  • DIEP flap: Like a TRAM flap, the DIEP flap uses skin, fat, and blood vessels from the lower stomach, but it does not use the muscle. The DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap removes skin and fat from the belly to build the breast mound, then uses microsurgery to reattach the transferred blood vessels to the chest.
  • Latissimus dorsi flap: This method uses muscle, fat, and skin from your back. During this procedure, tissue is taken from the back to the mastectomy site via a surgically created path so it stays attached to the donor location, which keeps the original blood supply intact.
  • PAP flap: Another flap is the profunda artery perforator (PAP). This method uses fat, skin, and muscle tissue from your inner thigh to build your breast(s).
  • LTP flap: Although the TRAM flap is one of the most common methods used during reconstruction, sometimes there is not enough muscle, skin, and fat that can be taken from the abdominal area. In these situations, the LTP flap may be used, which uses tissue from the lateral thigh.
  • Composite flap: Also known as a composite stacked flap, this method takes flaps from various areas of your body for breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction performed at Derrick Plastic Surgery can be done for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why you require or want this procedure, we will help you to get results that have you feeling beautiful. Advantages of breast reconstruction surgery at our Plano, TX practice include:

  • Achieving proportion in the upper body
  • Heightened self-assurance
  • Resolving cosmetic and health complaints alike
  • Addressing issues from past procedures
  • Large chance of success and lasting outcomes
  • Ability to choose between several reconstructive techniques

I had reconstructive surgery in June and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Dr. Derrick and his staff were very caring and pleasant at each of my visits. I would highly recommend him. They were professional and courteous.

E.S. Google

Surgery staff is superior. I had a breast reconstruction from a previous one done at least 12 years prior that was just a mess! Dr Derrick was amazing in his ability to give me cleavage and normal feeling breasts! He is very kind and professional at the same time. I would recommend him to anyone.

M.P. Healthgrades

Dr. Derrick was extremely professional which also being personable throughout the whole process of my reconstruction. He put me at ease by answering my repetitive questions and always made me feel like I was being listened to. I'm very happy with my results and couldn't have expected anything better!

N.B. Healthgrades

I highly recommend Dr. Derrick for breast augmentation/reconstruction. He is very skilled, his staff is amazing and they are all caring and thoughtful. I had a wonderful experience.

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Although the process of breast reconstruction can take time, it's probably one of the most beneficial cosmetic surgeries for our Plano, TX patients at Derrick Plastic Surgery. It can help decrease the emotional and physical impact of breast cancer treatment while also allowing you to reclaim your self-esteem and body shape. Whether you're navigating breast cancer, recovering from chest trauma, or addressing a birth-related breast anomaly, reach out to our practice in Plano, TX to schedule a consultation today with Dr. Chase Derrick. Take the first step toward restoring your confidence and appearance.

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