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One of the most captivating features of the face, the eyes deserve full visibility. However, the presence of excess skin around the eyes can impart a look of fatigue and detract from one's natural attractiveness. Dr. Chase Derrick, a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in blepharoplasty — commonly referred to as eyelid lift. This procedure aims to eliminate excess skin, revitalizing either the upper or lower eyelids to foster a more youthful and alert visage. Numerous individuals, both men and women, choose Derrick Plastic Surgery for their eyelid enhancements to diminish the appearance of puffiness, thereby enhancing both the function and aesthetic of their facial features. By opting for surgery on either the upper or lower eyelids, patients can achieve a rejuvenated, vibrant look with results that are both subtle and profound. Those interested in revitalizing their eyes through an eye lift to remove additional skin are encouraged to arrange a meeting with Dr. Derrick at his practice located in Plano, TX.

Depending on the complexity of the eyelid surgery, some form of anesthesia will be given. Eyelid surgery may be done on the top eyelid by itself, on the bottom portion, or a combination of both treatments. We offer:

  • Upper: Upper blepharoplasty assists in reducing the folds of skin that impair vision to create a more appealing eyelid appearance. An incision is usually made along the lash line or crease to remove tissue and fat.
  • Lower: Eyelid correction on the lower lid is performed to reduce bulging, bloated skin under the lower lid. The incision is placed just under the lash line to surgically remove tissue and fat, and the skin is gently lifted to create a smoother look.

A personalized eyelid lift surgery at Derrick Plastic Surgery offers practical and beautifying improvements alike to your eyelids with wonderful benefits, which include:

  • Improving looseness and/or hanging skin tissue in the upper and lower eyelids
  • Boosting the shape and look of the eyes
  • Yielding a more awake, alert appearance
  • Increasing comfort by reducing friction from skin creases
  • Attaining a younger, revived appearance
  • Extending eyesight by improving line of vision
  • Diminishing lumps in the lower lids

I had a traumatic injury to my face and had severe cuts around both of my eyes. I came to his office straight from the emergency room he got me in immediately performed a repair to all of my cuts/gashes. Six weeks later I had another follow up appointment with him got into the office immediately he came in to see me right away. And you could hardly tell than anything Had ever happened to my face! Karla Doolittle

K.B. Google

My results astound me and are still getting better (almost 2 months post op) - Dr. Derrick and his entire staff are amazing! I felt comfortable from my first phone call, through surgery, and all visits in between. My results astound me and are still getting better (almost 2 months post op). My questions were always answered and my concerns were quickly addressed. If you're like me, you've contacted several places and been reading reviews until your eyes cross. Well, you can stop now and go for it. Choose Dr. Derrick!

J. RealSelf

Dr. Derrick is the ultimate professional and expert. Both he and his team were kind and informative about my procedures. They even called and checked on me a few times the first week after my surgery! I absolutely love my results! I definitely recommend Dr. Derrick and his team!

T.S. Google


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Struggling with obstructed vision because of excess skin on your upper eyelids or maybe you're battling under-eye puffiness? Blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery at Derrick Plastic Surgery offers a chance to produce a more youthful, vibrant look, but it also provides an elegant remedy for any vision-related issues caused by eyelid concerns. To enhance your appearance and improve your sight, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chase Derrick and his dedicated surgical team at our practice in Plano, TX, and learn how this procedure can significantly elevate your quality of life.

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