Lip Lifts-A Little Extra UMPH Anyone?

By: Dr. Chase Derrick


A newer procedure in plastic surgery is the lip lift. If permanent lip enhancement is your goal this could be just what you are looking for. Lip lifts are a surgical procedure designed to enhance a person’s lips by decreasing the distance between the nostril and upper lip. The result is fuller, more youthful looking lips without fillers or silicone implants (YES you can do those too!). The lips are more pronounced and voluptuous after a lip lift. The incision is hidden where the nostrils meet the skin. 

A lip lift makes the upper lip appear fuller and more pronounced by shortening that distance between the nostrils and upper lip and creating a slight upturn. This procedure has been increasing in popularity during the past few years especially. Most likely due to popular culture and voluptuous lips being more on trend.

Many patients who have used Botox or other neuromodulators such as Jeuveau, Daxxify, Dysport, etc. to have a lip flip and like that look can choose to have a more permanent solution through a lip lift. A lip flip uses the neuromodulators to upturn a patient’s upper lip, so more lip is showing. There are some downsides to a lip flip such as difficulty drinking through a straw, and temporary results due to the metabolism of the toxin. Doing a lip lift does not have those same downsides. 

Lip flips (neuromodulator) also are temporary, whereas a lip lift is a permanent procedure. 

Lip lifts heal relatively quickly due to the face healing faster than other areas of the body due to blood supply. Patients report loving their fuller, natural lips without the use of fillers or neuromodulator injectables. 

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