By: Dr. Chase Derrick


What does “Drop and Fluff” mean after breast implants? What exactly is the drop and fluff timeline for breast implants?

One of the most highly requested plastic surgeries in the US (and definitely here in Dallas) is a breast augmentation, where breast implants or a patient’s own fat is transferred to enhance and increase breast size. When a patient chooses a board-certified plastic surgeon (aka the best of the best) and undergoes the procedure they clearly cannot wait for the final results. With breast implants, there is a process that occurs and the name is a bit different–drop and fluff. Let’s talk about that breast implant drop and fluff timeline.

That final look after breast implants is not achieved right after surgery. Breast implants are often placed under the pectoralis major muscle or its fascia. The muscle action causes the implant to appear higher on the chest within the breast pocket (where the breast implants are placed during an augmentation.) Over the next few weeks to months the breast implants will “drop” and “fluff” and settle into their position for a natural, beautiful result.

Often right after their breast augmentation patients notice that their breast implants are riding higher on their chest than they would like, and feel like the breast implants look fake and unnatural or too big. Patients can also complain of feelings of tightness or like something is sitting on their chest. The skin and muscle is being stretched. Some of the fake and unnatural appearance can be due to swelling after the procedure, which is completely normal. If there is significant redness or swelling in addition to feeling like the skin is hot please contact your surgeon to make sure there is no infection or complication of surgery. Please know that feeling like the implants are too high or large is completely normal after a breast augmentation. The healing process takes time and achieving the final results therefore takes a few months.

Over the next few weeks the swelling will subside and the chest muscles will begin to relax. Over the first six weeks after a breast augmentation surgery, the appearance of the implants will change the most, but trust the process. It takes a full three to six months before breast implants are typically fully settled. It’s best to wait to buy new bras and clothes until the process is complete. Your surgeon will let you know when they have dropped into position enough to start shopping.

If at any time during the healing process you have questions you should contact your surgeon. She/he should want the best results possible for their patients and understands when questions arise.

As always, send in those questions!

-Dr. D

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