By: Dr. Chase Derrick


It's Surgery day!!! You will feel different kinds of emotions-excitement, nervousness–all the things! We have absolutely incredible nurses and staff that will make sure YOU feel as comfortable as possible from the time you arrive to when you get to go home after surgery. Once you arrive at the surgery center, you will check in with the front desk coordinator and then you are called back to the pre-op room where you will change into a gown to prepare for surgery. Yes, these are the horribly unattractive medical gowns. Next, the nurses go over all you need to know about your surgery and place your IV. It really does not hurt. We have experts in iv placement.

Next, I will come in to talk to you and mark your surgical areas. Then, the anesthesiologist comes in to talk to you and starts taking the steps to put you to sleep- you’ll be done before you know it! You are then wheeled to the OR where the magic happens! Before you know it you will be in the recovery area with your new additions. Patients say that they do not even remember going to sleep in the operating room, they just remember starting to countdown from ten and then waking up in recovery.

The nurses in recovery will take excellent care of you. They administer your pain medications to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed and will monitor your well being. Our wonderful team of nurses also will make sure that you drink something. We have different juices, sodas and waters that we pair with small snacks such as crackers. By this time, your ride home has already been contacted with plenty of notice to pick you up. Once the nurses feel that you’re ready to leave, you’ll be wheeled out (yes you have to take the wheelchair for safety) to your ride home and now need to focus on resting and recovering. It is important to note that we will NOT under any circumstances release you to be transported by an uber, taxi, or other unknown mode of transportation. You MUST have a friend, family member or another trusted person take you home. You are in a vulnerable state and I want to ensure you are protected and safe and no one will take advantage of you.

I also advise my patients to have someone home with them for the first few hours after surgery to make sure you have help if needed. Please try and move your arms for as little as possible. Think t-rex arms, keep them by your side and basically unusable for reaching and tasks other than eating or small ones such as changing the channel on the remote, or really more appropriately the netflix show. This is a great opportunity to have someone pitch in and help out with household chores–doctor’s orders. Check out the next blog on what happens next!

-Dr. D

Dr. Chase Derrick sees patients in the DFW area including Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and Richardson. He also has an office in Sherman, serving the Texoma region. Dr. Chase Derrick is Board-Certified through the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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